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It weighs just over one pound but provides a ton of added protection.

SAFETYSHIELD is made with two flame-retardant transparent polycarbonate protective shields affixed with nylon fasteners to a nylon 33% glass filled clamp.

SAFETYSHIELD is designed to mount on various styles and sizes of hot sticks and shotgun-type hot sticks, up to a diameter of 1 5/8".

SAFETYSHIELD comes in three standard sizes: 16" (1 lb. 6 oz.), 21" (2 lb. 6 oz.), 24" (2 lb. 14 oz.). It can also be customized to accommodate your safety requirements.

SAFETYSHIELD is most effective for added protection when it is mounted on the hot stick nearest to the point where an electrical arc flashback may occur. The mounting position will be determined by the available work space and the style and action of the hot stick.

SAFETYSHIELD comes with a waterproof carrying case that can be easily stored in the truck or at the worksite after use.



SAFETYSHIELD used for added protection against electric arc flashback while working on dead front transformer.

SAFETYSHIELD used for added protection from flashback while pulling a fuse on a 3-phase transformer.

SAFETYSHIELD used for added protection from flashback while pulling off an end cap.

SAFETYSHIELD adds protection against electrical arc flashback when applying a fuse after a fault.

Electric Arc Flashback: A result of an electric arc which is a radiant burst of heat energy followed by a shock wave carrying particles of molten materials.


The use of the SAFETYSHIELD along with flame resistant apparel and other protective equipment will provide more complete protection for the worker as well as reduce costs.


The SAFETYSHIELD is designed to provide physical protection from electric arcs, electrical flashes and fragmentation explosions which occur when performing various tasks using live line tools.

SAFETYSHIELD compliments the many different protective tools and clothing which provide safety cover and protection for the worker.

SAFETYSHIELD tests at Ontario Hydro Technologies (Now Kinectrics) High Current Laboratories show that a 16" diameter

SAFETYSHIELD will provide a heat barrier, absorbing and deflecting more than 60% of incident energy, as well as shielding the worker from molten blast fragments and pressure waves. Increasing the SAFETYSHIELD diameter will provide a larger cone of protection.


SAFETYSHIELD meets all requirements of O.S.H.A. 1910.335 Safeguards personal protective equipment: (1) ‘Employees work ing in areas where there are potential electrical hazards shall be provided with and shall use electrical protective equipment that is appropriate for specific parts of the body to be protected and for the work to be performed." (II) "Protective shields, protective barriers, or insulating materials shall be used to protect each employee from shock, burns, or other electrically related injuries while that employee is working near exposed energized parts which might be accidentally contacted or where dangerous electric heating or arcing might occur. When normally enclosed live parts are exposed for maintenance or repair, they shall be guarded to protect unqualified persons from contact with live parts."

SAFETYSHIELD is recognized in O.S.H.A. 1910-269 (2) D under training.

The SAFETYSHIELD meets the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z87.1 -1989 practice for occupational and educational eye and face protection.

SSFETYSHIELD conforms to the requirements of Section 9 face shields high mass impact, high velocity impact, drop ball impact and penetration test requirements.

The SAFETYSHIELD also meets the ASTM F968-93 standard specifications for electrically insulating guard equipment for pro tection of a worker. Section 5.1.3 Type III guards for construction of self-extinguishing plastic material having mechanical impact properties suitable for cold weather service. Section 7.1.3 Type III guard test requirements for notched impact strength, maximum water absorption, .94 VO flame resistance and dielectric strength.


"SAFETYSHIELD allows me to see my work without ducking my head in fear of a flashback."

"SAFETYSHIELD is the first tool that I use with my hot stick to protect myself against the possibility of a fault during switching." "I would use SAFETYSHIELD without hesitation because I still jump even when I hear a telephone ring. I have been a victim of many flashbacks in my 25 years of work as a lineman.

"Before SAFETYSHIELD, the only protection I had in a flashback against the fragment blast was my hands and ducking my head. I know from experience because I used my hand to protect myself and my hand was seriously injured during a flashback. My thumb was almost severed."

"SAFETYSHIELD provides added protection against flashbacks in some of the close quarters that I work." A foreman for a large utility said that one of his lineman lost his eye in an electrical arc flashback by a flying piece of wire. He said that this injury would never have happened if SAFETYSHIELD would have been used.



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Part SS 16" 1 lb. 6oz $210.00

Part SS 21" 2lb. 6 oz $225.00

Part SS 24" 2 lb. 14oz. $240.00

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