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Gary Guard A & B

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A lineman with 20 years experience explains:

"Why I Invented

The GaryGuard."

I'm Gary Whited.  For over 20 years I've been a lineman with a major utility company.  Presently, I'm a line crew supervisor.  While working as a lineman, I realized that there was a need for a simple barrier-type tool to help wiht live line work.  In order to provide safe work distances and to minimize the need for cover-ups, I invented the GaryGuard.  Using a hotstick, the GaryGuard is placed over the insulator in a vertical or horizontal position.  It provides a safe air clearance for work on lines of 72.5 kV and below, GaryGuard may be used as a barrier and a guard.  Work is being done on other products that I hope will make your job safer and easier.  If you have any suggestions, drop us a line.

Insulator Barrier & Guard

The GaryGuard I is designed for use as a barrier and a guard during live line work as Class 6 (72.5 kV) and below on vertical and horizontal installations of the following types of insulators:


The GaryGuard I and the smaller GaryGuard A & B are made from an epoxy woven-glass laminate that meets ASTM F-968-90 Standard's dielectric requirements for a Type III guard.  All GaryGuards can be easily installed with the use of a "Shotgun" type hotstick.


28" Wide X 50" Long

14 Pounds



Meets OSHA and ASTM requirements

Provides safer and easier method for live line work at minimal costs

Savings: *at least one man month per year

Requires minimal training time



In use since 1989

All medium voltage lines at stations (2.4 kV to 69 kV)

Plus many distribution uses


*Article in  Transmission and Distribution Magazine, September 1989.

GaryGuard A & B

Switch Barriers & Guards

GaryGuard A & B are designed for live line work as Class 6 (72.5 kV) and below on substation switches and can be adapted for many other live line maintenance jobs, either together or separate, depending on the application or needs or the particular job.



Switch Barrier & Guard A

28" Wide X 25" Long

8 Pounds


Switch Barrier & Guard B

28" Wide X 23" Long

6 Pounds

Spring-loaded cam action wings are pre-cocked before the application of Gary Guards A & B to horizontal or vertical insulators.


All Gary Guard Products Have Carrying Cases Available.

Because insulators may vary in size, it may be necessary to modify the standard insulator hole size of the GGI and GG A&B.  Send your special application size requirements for a quote and delivery schedule.


Suggested AC Minimum Clearance

From Guard to Energized Part

or From Guard to Ground


Line Voltage


Line to Line


Air Insulation


Inches (Centimeters)

1.1 to 15.0 kV

1 in. (2.5 cm)

15.1 to 36.0 kV

4 in. (10 cm)

36.1 to 46.0 kV

7 in. (18 cm)

46.1 to 72.5 kV

12 in (30 cm)

Gary Guard IN ACTION

Gary Guard, Inc.

6500 Shier Rings Road = Dublin, OH 43016

Ph: 614-932-1008 = 1-800-860-6699 = FAX: 614-932-6801


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